Cardboard Kitchen DIY

My daughter has liked to play with cooking tools since less one year old.

But it is not time to buy a big kitchen toy yet

because she did not know her favorite characters.

I made cardboard kitchen by myself. Yes !!! I love DIY!!

She has played with the kitchen for one and a half years.

It’s sturdy and light.

You can move it easily to vacuum the floor.

The small cardboards are used as a drawer and partitions.

The middle cabinet works as an oven.

The right one is a sink with a faucet.

I put Adhesive Laminate Liner on the cardboard.

and Duck tape on the edges.

I got both of them at Walmart.

My daughter loves it!!

I am thinking of buying her a wooden or plastic kitchen though.

 She likes Disney and Kitty now.

Or…. DIY? Can I make a wooden one by myself??

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