Garden Clean up

Spring has sprung!!

I love sunny days!!

The temperature was 78℉.

I started Spring garden clean up.

There are fallen leaves on the lawn…

I can pick them up near the wall of my house.

But I will use a blower for leaves on the lawn.

A natural enemies of lawn is dandelions.

I love dandelions, just to watch.

I need to pick them up in my yard.

I always do it by covering them with my palm when I see dandelion fluff.

It’s difficult to yank dandelions because the roots are thick and long.

The best tool for pick up dandelions is


Friskars Stand-up Weeder

The best delicious lunch is one after cleaning or exercise with sweating!!

The same lunch as my husband’s breakfast (>o<)9

I am going to plant flower bulbs after the rain.

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