Kids’ clothes for adults ~save money~

The topic of this page is about kids’ clothes.

Children in the U.S. are often taller than I.

A girl in the former neighbor waved back to play together

when I waved to say hi…

She recognized me as a kid because I am not tall 🙂

The range of kids clothes in the U.S. is wide.

You can wear them if you are not tall.

But you need to check out chest, waist and hip circumferences.

And so too with shoes,

I bought me TOMS shoes as the same design as kid’s ones.

These are GLOW IN THE DARK shoes!!!

The design is only for kids (Tiny and Youth), not for Women’s.

In addition, kids shoes are more reasonable than women’s ones.

You can save money!!

I got them because I love products of universe!!!

I feel uncomfortable wearing the matching shoes.

I would be just ashamed…

You can buy kids’ clothes for you if you are not tall!


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