Marinated Saba in the U.S.

I went to New deal in Summerville.

You can get seafood for sashimi.

I always ask a staff if they have them for sashimi.

I got Boston Mackerel, Salmon, Tuna and Scallop.

I decided to have Boston mackerel as Shimesaba(Marinated  Mackerel).

I don’t think Shimesaba is safer to eat than Raw Saba is.

You need to be careful for Anisakis, Food Poisoning and Norovirus.


The saba is salted for 15 minutes.

I made cold marinating liquid.

Cold Sushi Vinegar(for sweet taste) : 2US Cup(480ml)

 Cold Mirin :1.5 tbsp

Put a piece of Konbu(2cm x 5cm(3gram)) them in a Ziploc and pop it in a refrigerator.

Rinse the salted mackerels off using water and wipe off the water.

Put them in the marinated liquid.

Release air from the bag and marinate them for 4 hours.
The reason of “4 hour ” is that I started to make Shimesaba at 7pm.

6 hour- marinating is better, I guess.

(Marinating liquid recipe is also guesswork, but it worked well!!)

The color getting whitish on the edge and pinkish in the center.

Take them out of the bag and peel off the skin.

Cut it into pieces.

Taste it ( be careful for tiny bones)…. Uhhhhh Delicious!!!

My husband also loved it!!!

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