Plant strawberry with my daughter

A lot of cucumbers fruited in my yard two years ago.

They tasted good and I made Nukazuke with them.

“What kind of vegetable would like to plant?”

I asked my husband.

“How about strawberry? I want to eat sweet strawberry.”

he answered.

Yes. Japanese strawberry is much sweeter than American.

American strawberry is big, not too sweet.

I can eat both because I like sour and sweet foods both.

But my daughter and husband cannot eat sour foods much.

So I decided to plant strawberry this spring.

There were three kinds of strawberry bare-rooted plants at Home Depot.

They are Ozark beauty, Sequoia and Quinault.

I didn’t know which is good for a beginner.

I decided to go with Ozark beauty.

I said to my daughter, “Sweetie, we are going to plant strawberry!”

She looked excited.

She was so glad to wear Uniqlo Disney princess T-Shirt.

She thought that red strawberry came out of the bag

and she didn’t know what I was doing with the brown roots 🙂

My daughter helped me to water it.

My daughter ran all around the yard after planting the bared root.

I found a tick on her leg…

She didn’t have a tick bite though.

I should apply bug repellent to her because it’s May now.


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