Recommendation American Souvenir for people in Japan

I will introduce some of the products that are good as a souvenir in the U.S..


It’s known as a superfood,

nutrient, and easy to cook.

Just boil with water for 15 minutes and sprinkle it on  a salad.

You can make a hamburger with it, too.

I love the texture.

White quinoa is available in Japan.

You can get it $3.99(+tax) at Trader Joe’s.

That’s a good deal!!

You can get Red Quinoa for $4.99(+tax)!!

The price of Tricolor Quino is $3.99(+tax).

(April 2017)

Pretzel Slims

 You can also get it at Trader Joe’s.

It’s Pretzels coated with dark chocolate.

I love it! I cannot stop eating it!!!

Chocolate Hazelnut CookiesThis is Chocolate cream filled Moist Hazelnut sandwich cookies.

It goes well with coffee and teas, of course!!

ピーツコーヒー (Peet’s Coffee)

Peet’s Coffee is as popular as Starbucks recently.

I love Peet’s Coffee because I feel the coffee beans have deeper flavor and tastes than Starbucks ones.

You can get bags of coffee beans at grocery stores and

Peet’s Coffee online shop.

Mondelez International is making OREO in Japan since September 2016, not NABISCO.

You cannot get OREO made by NABISCO in Japan.

I will upload the recommendation when I remember good products in the U.S..

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